Why Pakistani Youth Want To Go To Abroad? What's The Reason Behind?


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You've asked a question regarding working and going abroad. And that is the desire of the most of the Pakistani young guys. You want to know that what are the reasons behind this and what circumstances compel them to do so.
In fact, there is not a single reason but a bundle of reasons is there. First of all, the vast area of opportunities and careers is not available in Pakistan. Unemployment is also a big reason for this.
Many people first of all, get their education for 16 years but as soon as the go to the market they find there no jobs. This thing frustrates the Pakistani youth and they look for the option of going abroad.
Another basic reason is the lack of recognition of someone's work. For example if a person is very intelligent. And he has earned gold medals throughout his career. He will not be honoured by the government in such a way, he deserves. This thing causes the disappointment to the young people of Pakistan and they think about going some other country where they can earn the respect they deserve.
Corruption is another basic factor. And it is the greatest reason indeed. Many people take the right of the competent person. And this action hurt him/her and they try to avoid this situation and they try to fly towards some country where there things are done on merit.
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The question you have asked is just as brain drain. Almost every second guy wants to go abroad for better future. Media plays an important role in establishing attractive image of abroad. Pakistani youth is just shifting to abroad because they can earn some good salary. They have good opportunities in abroad .in Pakistan for a job you have to go for reference you have to look for some source so that it will help you in getting job. With out reference and contacts in Pakistan you are not able to get to job, in other words its quiet difficult for a person to get a job.

In abroad they get all these things at no cost. In abroad they get all things without any reference or contact. In abroad besides doing a job they also carry their studies. These are the main figures and facts that why our youth is shifting to abroad. The entire intellectual are just moving abroad because they want to secure their future and if some company in abroad is giving you all facilities any body will love to go abroad. If in Pakistan our government starts such program and start paying attention to the issue of brain drain.
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They simply want to broaden their education/outlook on life.
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For the Better Opportunities I guess! Not not a guess that's a real factious reason behind it ....

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