What Is The Importance Of International Date Line And Where Does It Falls?


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The earth on which we live is shaped like a ball. In order to enable us to calculate the distance between one place to another, a number of circles are drawn round the globe. Every circle is divided in to 360 degrees and each degree is approximately 69.5 miles. Lines of latitude and longitude enable us to measure distances on the map, or to find the position of any place on the map.

Latitude is distance, measured in degrees, north or south of the equator. Longitude is the distance, measured in degrees, east or west of a given Meridian. Meridian s or mid-day lines are lines drawn on the map from the North Pole to the South Pole, and all places on any of these lines have the mid-day at the same time. The prime Meridian passes through Greenwich, which is it is considered as the standard. East longitude is up to 180 degrees east of Greenwich. West longitude is up to 180 degrees West of Greenwich.

The International Date Line was meant to avoid confusion among the travelers in configuring the right date. Meridian 180 degrees East and Meridian 180 degrees West are one and the same line, situated in the Pacific Ocean, near Fiji, Samoa, and Gilbert Islands. In reckoning time from Greenwich to this Meridian, it is found that there is difference of one day between Greenwich to 180 degrees East and Greenwich to 180 degrees West .In order to avoid confusion the International Date Line was agreed upon. Travelers crossing the Meridian of 180 degrees from the east add a day, while those who are from west subtract a day, from the calendar. This makes the International Date Line very handy for the people.
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