What Is The Best Sunscreen For African Americans?


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You should find that any brand suncream that has SPF15 is best for African Americans.

Sunscreen is a type of preference for most people. There are some who prefer to use a sunscreen that has an oil base rather than a cream. It is all about what you prefer. What you do want is to make certain the sunscreen is at least SPF 15.

Anything lower and you will be leaving your skin exposed to burn or worse. If you have very dry skin than going up to an SPF30 would be appropriate. It will provide you with more oil in the skin to keep it from drying out in the sun and becoming damaged.

  • SPF

SPF tells you how much protection you get from the sunscreen over that of your natural skin. It is also going to be affected by the UVB index for that day. If you know the rating will be higher and you will be out in the sun longer you should also increase the SPF that you use.

You will want to avoid any sunscreen that has zinc or titanium dioxide in it. These two properties could cause your skin to turn white leaving the chemical behind rather than allowing it to be absorbed while you are wearing the sunscreen. You should look for something with avobenzone in it. This helps with dry skin.

Some individuals have used DDF sunblock. If you mix it with moisturizer it may be absorbed by your skin a bit easier. Aveeno is another nice product to use. Aveeno is one of the companies out there offering products that are naturally better for your skin.

  • Reapply
You should keep reapplying the sunscreen when you sweat or get wet and during long sun exposure to ensure that you are safe. It does eventually wear off over a fairly short amount of time.

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