How Much Is $25 In Pounds?


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$25 is approximately £15.24.

  • Currency Rates
Currency rates can change within an hour and also within a day. Since currency is a stock market investment it means the value of the money will change as different things happen in the economy. Right now the dollar is not worth a lot against other currencies. In other words if you exchange to a different currency from US you get less for your money. It is a positive thing for those who are exchanging from British Pounds to US because the pounds are suddenly more in the other currency.

  • Figuring out the Exchange Rate
It is now simpler than ever to figure out the current exchange rates for currency. The Internet provides several sites that will tell you the current rates. These sites are linked to the banks, so it tells you what it is right that minute. In an hour when you go to the bank it may vary a little bit. By visiting these online sites it is easy to find out what the current rate is so that you can be prepared when you go to the bank. One of the most popular sites is

  • Converting any money
The online sites we have mentioned can help you figure out any currency rate. For instance you may want to visit more than the UK, so knowing what the Euro exchange rate is might be helpful. You may also want to pick up the Euros before you go. The rate will definitely change from day to day or month to month.
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Kass answered
One US dollar is about .60 British pounds. Twenty five US dollars would be about fifteen British pounds. (Information as of today, Monday July 20th, 2009.)
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Tom Runchman answered
$25.00 in english pounds is £13.09
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If those are US dollars, about £15.63

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