How Much Is Un Quetzal From Guatemala Worth In American Money?


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One quetzal from Guatemala is worth 0.128452 of a United States dollar. Obviously, the American dollar is quite strong, in contrast to Guatemala's official currency. Since Guatemala is a developing country, its currency has not yet gained strength, or evolved, to compete with the mighty American dollar, which is back up by a great deal of industry, exports, and government stimulus programs.

National Currencies Have Their Ups And Downs

• Nonetheless, in recent times, even the American dollar has been subject to its own ups and down, as the country has grappled with a series of setbacks, including stock market crashes, debt ceiling limitations, the cost of running several extremely expensive wars, and the expense of underwriting social programs, such as universal health care, that drain the public coffers.
•  A country's currency will be valued based on the nation's economic prosperity, which may be measure by its GDP (gross domestic product).  
• Guatemala is a poor nation and has been for a long time - while international relief agencies, such as the non-denominational Unicef (among many others) strive to assist the citizens of Guatemala with improving their quality of living, these international relief agencies don't have much of an impact on the value of national currency, which is based on the resources, companies, and assets inside of a country.

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