How Do Most People Travel To Work Where You Live?


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In the United Kingdom, there is a varied and complex system of public transport. Outside of London, the majority of employees travel to their workplace by car, with daily commutes varying from 10 minutes to a couple of hours. The ease and comfort of going by car means workers have a much more flexible schedule and can choose to leave at a time that suits them, without relying on public transport.

However, inner city travelling is increasingly being done by public transport. As well as bus services, some cities such as Sheffield and Manchester run trams across the city centre that can give workers a more regular and a faster commute to work. Bus services can be great if you live close to a bus stop that links to your workplace, they are a much cheaper alternative and allow you to relax a bit more whilst travelling. Workers who have to travel between cities and don’t want the stress of driving can use National Rail services to get to their job by train. Often, train journeys take the scenic route so while travelling to work may not be easier on the wallet, it is definitely easier on the eye and the stress levels.

Within London the main way people travel to work is via the Tube. With over 1,065 million people using the Tube every year, it is the quickest and most efficient way to get to the workplace in London. A train on each route leaves every few minutes and there are a number of alternative routes to reach work should there be any delays on your normal journey. Like National Rail services, the Tube allows you to avoid the stress of driving and traffic, although the views aren’t quite as scenic!
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Normally by car . 
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Some people travel to work in cars, on the bus, walk, or by bike
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Public transport leaves much to be desired, so private car is the most popular way of getting to/from work.  Trains are gaining popularity (where available), but the bus companies keeps changing their timetables and who wants to catch 4 buses just one way to work?

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