Does The Name On An Airline Ticket Have To Exactly Match The Name On A Passport?


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If you referring to your last names then-YES,it may have problems if it doesn't.Especially if you travel outside of your country (know that from personal experience).If you are referring to your first and middle name that is not so important.Airlines reps are the best source of information.Just log the name of person you spoke and date and time for your record.
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As long as there is a match, you should be fine. My passport uses three names, but I routinely only use two (first and last) on my ticket. Call your airline directly to be certain.
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Not necessarily. Specially if you have long names, that will not fit in the ticket =) but verify the airline and also if you can contact the airport, that's better =)
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Cathay airlines made me pay $100 when my middle name's missing from the air ticket!
Big boo for them!

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