Who is the richest man in Liberia?


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Hi Tejane,

Unfortunately, the richest man in Liberia currently doesn't have a name or he isn't famous enough to be around the internet. However, plenty of people know about Africa's richest man: Alhaji Aliko Dangote, a billionaire who recently planned on investing some of his capital in Liberia for a cement plant.

According to the magazine 'Forbes' he is the 43rd richest man in the world and Liberia is ranked 95th on the list of best countries for business.

Although I know this doesn't answer your question fully, I hope it might be a good starting point or at least shed some light on what you were looking for!

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Unofficially, the richest man in Liberia is George Weah, politician and ex-footballer.

The richest person, however, is considered to be President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the highest earning woman in Liberia.

The richest man in Liberia

There are no statistics available showing the wealthiest residents in Liberia, but based on current income and previous occupation, George Weah is most likely to be the richest man in Liberia.

He rose to prominence as the star striker of Italian side AC Milan in the 90s, and then went on to become Liberia's most famous humanitarian and politician, gaining international recognition for much more than just his wealth!

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