What're Disadvantages Of Package Tours?


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Advantages: No thinking (no planning, research); price (good group rate, the budget is known in advance); tour guide included (no language problem); efficient way to hit all the "must-see" spots (all transportation and accommodations pre-arranged); travel companions (already assembled).

Disadvantages: No thinking (no say in itinerary, schedule); price (you can usually do as well at more interesting sleeping and eating places); no choice in time frame dashing around fixed list of tourist traps; stuck for entire trip with obnoxious or slow fellow travelers.

The choice comes down to whether you are the "I'll pay, just take care of me" kind of tourist or "I want to discover and experience new things, at my own pace. I enjoy surprises and chance encounters with strangers" kind of traveler. To be a sheep herded gently or a hound dog sniffing your way along are equally fine. You are who you are.
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The main Disadvantages Of Package Tours are that you have to strictly follow the package tour schedule and you do not have other choices to go.Also you have to pay in advance.
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There are more advantages than disadvantages in package tours. Because your tour would be preplanned and you need not search for accommodation if you are going to a new place. Everything would be prebooked.
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If you're visiting somewhere foreign for the first time, I would do a package tour. The disadvantages , I've found, are that while they take you to see things, you do not have enough time to explore and take pictures on your own. For example, I went to Rome with a tour group and was taken to the Colosseum. We stood outside, our tour didn't include the price or the time to go inside. Also, tours offer extra excursions that are not offered in the original package. This can definitely add up fast. You are at their mercy, must stay on schedule, and go where they have arranged, no deviating.
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The worst thing that can be with Package tours is that they require us to be be very punctual with their, sometimes, very strict routine and give us no opportunity to explore some interesting places to satisfy our need. Sometimes they fail to provide you insight to many historical places thus making high promises and showing us even less than what we have seen in pictures.
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They can be fake or some one can fool you by taking your money.they might not be up to the expected level.people might want to travel separately/or with a few people. The hosts might waste allot of time in one area.there are many risks taken because the flight might cancel and the demand might can not visit areas of your might be boring later. Some newly converted hosts can viset areas he wants to and tell people something else.
Advantages:people can travel in many areas , less time is wasted, less money is wasted because concession is given when a group of people travel together. Places which have to be visited are already booked.we also visIt places which we were not even aware of. Every thing is done on time
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The disadvantage of package tours is that you can't freely visit places on your own, you have to go according to the tour guide's instructions and visit places which they have already decided to show you.

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The only way you know that a vacation package is a good deal is by comparing them yourselves - and that means figuring out flights, hotel, car rental, etc. Good luck! :)

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