Where Was The Highest Temperature Recorded In The United States?


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The highest temperature recorded in the United States was at Death Valley a region lying in the State of California. The temperature recorded was 134.7 degree F (57.1 degree C) on July 3, 2001; the average temperature in the region in July which is the hottest month is about 116 degree F (47 degree C) and temperatures over 122 degree F (50 degree C) are common.

Death Valley is situated on the border between the States of California and Nevada and covers an area of about 140 miles (225 km) and lies about 86 meters (282 ft) below sea level; it receives an annual rainfall of less than 2 inches (50 mm). The valley occupies the lowest elevation spot in North America; it is also one of the hottest spots on Earth due to the low elevation and surrounding mountainous region which encircles the valley. Mt. Whitney the highest point in the United States also is found in California State and lies 76 miles (123 km) west of Death Valley.
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Greenland Ranch, California, with 134°F on July 10, 1913, holds the record for the highest temperature ever officially observed in the United States. I'm not sure how many decimil points over this temp there were. I hope you post is not to further anthropogenic global warming nonscense
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Technically speaking,  since you did not specifically ask for an Official Weather Temperature,  then the highest temperature recorded in the United States would have to be during one of the nuclear test explosions (in Nevada no doubt).    There might even be some other Fusion Energy laboratory experiments with lasers (Lawrence Livermore Labs) that might have been equally high or higher.   Those temperatures are around 100 Million Celsius.   The HiPER Laser Fusion Project (being built) is the latest in a long line of facilities that have done such experiments.

So,  when asking such questions in the future -- Be Specific!  ;-)
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The highest temperature in the U.S. Was recorded in the year 201. This non sustainable temperature was 286 degrees farenhiet.

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