What Is The Difference Between Mountain And Eastern Time Zones Today?


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If you have friends and relatives who are living in another state or country, it helps to know what time zone they’re in so you can easily track the best time to get in touch with them. Canada and United States are under the Mountain Time Zone while those in the western hemisphere are under the Eastern Time Zone. The difference between the two is approximately two hours. So if it is 12:00 in the Mountain Time Zone, it’s 14:00 in the Eastern Tome Zone.

The Mountain Time Zone got its name from the Rocky Mountains that stretch from Canada to New Mexico. It is less than an hour compared to the Central Time Zone but is an hour advance than that of the Pacific Zone. However, there are states in the United States such as Arizona that’s not covered by this time zone since they ten to have longer or shorter hours in some seasons.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Time Zone is commonly called the NAEST which stands for North American Eastern Standard Time. States under this time zone are those found in North America’s east coast. To help you determine the difference between the two, just remember to deduct seven hours and six hours for standard time and daylight time respectively.

If you don’t like to do the math yourself, you can still learn about these time zones easily. You can browse the web and check what time it is in Mountain and Eastern Time Zones. It’s imperative that you know the difference between the two especially if you have relatives staying in a state or country with a different time zone compared to yours. As a matter of fact, you can set one of your watches or clocks at home to Eastern Time Zone or Mountain Time Zone. This way you can call them at their convenient time or chat with them online when they’re also online.
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When it's 12:10pm mountain time, it's 2:10pm here in the east. That's unless you're in Arizona. Then it will be 3:10pm here. Arizona does not change to daylight savings time.
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2 hours different if in arzon 3 hours different
by krisoyne9
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2 hours

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