What Uniform Do Air Hostess Wear?


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The uniform that an air hostess wears differs depending on what company they work for. Each will have a different primary colour and a slightly different design.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, they also need to be practical as the hostesses will need to work long shifts in their uniforms.

The first air hostesses uniform was based loosely on a nurses outfit, with similar shoes and hats, as this did not only look smart but were also comfortable.

They also have some characteristics of a military uniform, such as their straight edges, hats and jackets, as well as added embellishments such as brass buttons.

Many airlines try to maintain some of the traditional clothing worn by the country. Such as native patterns or fabrics.

All hostesses have to have good personal grooming. They have to make sure that their hair is smooth, usually in a bun or similar and that they are wearing appropriate make up. Red lipstick has come to be an iconic sign of an air hostess.

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