After How Long Will Two Objects Traveling Towards Each Other Meet If Their Initial Distance Is 260 Miles Apart, And Object A Travels @ 70mph, Object B @ 60mph?


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Object A travels @ 70 mph, Object B @ 60 mph, but in opposite direction. So the relative speed of B from A's viewpoint is 70 + 60 = 130 mph. Distance to be covered = 260 miles.
As distance=speed x time, time= distance/speed, therefore time = 260 m/ 130mph = 2 Hours.

To prove this consider this ,
At time T0, A and B will be 260 miles apart
At time T1(lets say after 1 Hour), A will have travelled 70m and B will have travelled 60 miles. SO the remaining distance to be covered will be 260m - 70- 60 = 130 m
Again after another hour, A will have travelled 140 miles towards B and A will have travelled 120 miles towards A. So the total distance travelled is 140 + 120 = 260 miles in 2 Hours which is what we calculated

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