What Kind Of Transmission Fluid Goes Into A Honda Passport?


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Honda claim the
transmission oil doesn't require to be changed if not you use the passport
under severe conditions. There is a drain plug and a smaller fill plug on the
underside of the transmission. Pump Dexron3 fluid up into the fill plug until
fluid spills out the fill plug. Honda wants the transmission checked with a
scan tool with the oil at 100 to 150 degrees F.

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I would like to change the transmission fluid for a Honda passport 98.Can you show me to do this?
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I do not personally know for the Honda, but call your local parts house and they will be able to tell you your trans oil, motor oil and everything else you need to know,good luck
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Do not use aftermarket transmission fluid in this vehicle. Use Honda only. It's expensive, but not as expensive as a new transmission.

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