How To Get A Job As A Dance Escort On A Cruise Ship?


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The information on the previous listed website is VERY out of date! I sent off 10 application packets and had 6 'returned to sender' and most of the links didn't work. The best site I found is -the help and information I got was superb.
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Cruise ships have gained immense popularity as a medium of entertainment in the past years. There are a number of jobs available on Cruise ships and a career on a cruise ship can be very exciting. The following link is a database for many such cruise ships who are on the look out for keen individuals willing to work on cruise ships in different capacities and you can put up your CV on it:
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mike lest , Indian Escorts in Dubai, answered

Apply directly through the cruise ship managing company's website usually. Sometimes there are also agencies that recruit specifically for this specific niche of the leisure sector.

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You can also access each cruise line web site and their will be a link for careers.

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