What Does It Take To Become A Flight Attendant?


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If you’re looking to become a flight attendant, you will need to have a good head for heights! As the altitude of the planes that you will work on is typically tens of thousands of feet in the air, the last thing that any flight attendant should have is travel sickness. Indeed, once you are airborne, your responsibility is to ensure that all of the passengers are safe and comfortable. Because of this, you need to be friendly and warm, possessing the good bedside manner that’s needed to impress the holidaymakers and businesspeople who have chosen to fly with you.

Next, you also need to be confident of what you would need to do in an emergency, with full guidance given in the regular training sessions provided by your airline. If ever you should have to use this training, one of the skills required will be to remain calm and composed to ensure that passengers do not panic and disrupt the process of being safe.

Communication with your colleagues is also vital, in addition to time management. You should be prepared to work unsociable hours, especially due to the nature of many long-haul flights that could take up to 24 hours.

There are of course advantages to being a flight attendant, such as the opportunity to travel around the globe and visit sun-drenched destinations like Spain and France. Then again, with Oslo and Reykjavik also frequently-visited hotspots, you may need some winter clothing, after all!

For more information on what it takes to be a flight attendant, visit www.flightattendantcabincrewtraining.com/ There is a wealth of information here, in addition to some of the things that may restrict your potential to work in this industry.
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I think most airlines have opening positions once a year. Check out their websites' career section.

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Apply before the 18-24
have an interview
take the course for 4 weeks to 4 months
take the test
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You have an interview, then take the course for 4 weeks to 4 months, then you take the test and if you passed you will be able to be a flight attendant
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Although they like college degrees, if you have some customer service experience and a high school diploma you'll be able to get in.  Some suggestions:  Be ready to help people, smile, study (there's a couple of tests/exams during training, all from memory and in front of the class), and smile!  Flight attendant salary are among some of the best, so good luck!
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If you have customer service experience then you can even become a flight attendant without a degree. There are certain requirement of airlines like your minimum age should be 18 and height can also be an issue. To get complete information about becoming a flight attendant, visit the following websites.
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