What Two Coins Make Thirty Cents And One Of Them Isn't A Nickel?


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Ronnie Maye answered
If this is a riddle. I've heard it phrased that "one of them is not a nickel", in which case the other coin is a nickel.
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Brandi lol answered
This was on Scrubs when JD asked the janitor a riddle so he'd stop doing everything he does to him.
The answer is a quarter and a nickle. (one coin isn't a nickle, the other one is)
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1 coin is not a nickel, but the other one is.
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Harlo Gearbox answered
The other one is a nickel. So one is a quarter and the other is a quarter, and so one of them is a quarter and the other one is a nickel.
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From 1875-1878 there was a 20 cent coin. But it was too similiar in size to a quarter, so they didn't catch on. So the answer could be a 20 cent and a 10 cent coin.

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