Did The Ancient Egyptians Really Wear Make Up?


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Yes, the Egyptians wore quite a lot of make up, particularly around the eyes. It is thought that this was not just down to vanity, but also helped as a primitive form of sun block. The make up actually protected the very fragile area around the eyes and so these were not penetrated by sunlight.

The upper eyelid tended to be painted in blue, which was formed from a paste made from azurite. The lower lids were then painted green, made from ground copper ore.

Make up was unisex in the sense that both men and women wore make up. Women tended to wear more cosmetics though, usually eye shadow plus rouge and lipstick. 

Henna was also used not just to dye the hair but also to stain the hands and nails. Kohl, an eyeliner which is still used today, was also applied to the eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows.This kohl was made from ground lead ore and would possibly have been quite damaging to the eye area if used over a long time.

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As beginning of 10,000 BCE, scented oils were used by men and women to clear and soften their skin and bodies. Dyes and paints were required to color the body, skin and hair. They colored their lips and cheeks, polished their nails with henna, and used eye liner to lined their eyes and eyebrows with kohl.

Kohl was a deep-colored powder that is made with the crushed antimony, malachite, burnt almonds, lead, ochre, oxidized copper, ash. It was used with a mini stick. The upside and downside of the eyelids were colored in a line that increased to the sides of the eyes to give an almond effect. To decrease sun glare, it was thought that kohl eyeliner could restore poor eyesight and decrease infection of eyes.

To the Egyptians, cosmetics were as much about hygiene and health as they were about beauty. Oils and creams were required for protection against the hot summers and the Egyptian dry and cool winds. Rose, aloe, olive oil, lily, sesame oil and almond oil gave the basic elements of many perfumes that were used in religious ritual. Henna was required to dye fingernails yellow or orange. Makeup was kept in special jars that were stored in special makeup boxes. Women would take their make up boxes to parties with them.

The old Egyptians took great pride in their looks and the softness of their skins. Most of the Egyptians bathed daily in the river or at home. Luxury homes had a bathroom where servants would pour jugs of water over their master. People rubbed them every day with perfumed unguent oils that came from scented wood. The oil was kept in a pot till the oil absorbed the wood scent. Perfumed oil was required to save the skin from drying out in the harsh climate.
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Yes they did wear makeup so that the sun wouldn't tan their skin. They also used it when they went out to parties.

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