What Are The Expectations From This Possible Relocation To Europe?


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According to online research, this question is a potential job interview question, and of course, the answer will vary depending upon the industry in which you work. However, here are a few things to bear in mind when answering this question.

  • The differences between your current station and your European station

When answering this question, think about your current workplace, and compare it to your potential new workplace in Europe. For example, if you work in a factory, is the European factory bigger than the factory in which you're currently based? If so, an answer such as "I'm looking forward to be able to take the skills I've learned in my current position and scale them upwards - coping with work on a larger scale than I'm accustomed to will be an interesting and exciting challenge" may be suitable.

Or maybe the European factory is smaller than your current factory? If so, an answer such as "I'm looking forward to being able to get to know my co-workers more intimately - working in a larger factory can often feel lonely or isolated, but working in a smaller factory will allow me to develop me relationship-building and communication skills.

  • Highlight any skills or experience you have already

Answering a question like this provides the perfect opportunity for you to show off any skills or experience you have that will make you the ideal candidate for the job. Maybe you know a foreign language? That would come in very handy, so an answer such as "I'm looking forward to being able to apply my linguistic skills and knowledge in French (or Spanish, or German) to my working environment - being able to communicate in a foreign tongue in a professional context is an exciting prospect for me" would show off your skills.

Or maybe you've worked abroad before? If so, why not try an answer like "after having spent X amount of time working abroad, the idea of being able to work in a foreign country again is very exciting - I'm looking forward to feeling more prepared and relaxed about the transition".
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I guess the best way to move to Europe is to find a job there and get an invitation letter. Most companies provide a relocation package with all the necessary spendings. But I'm not sure about the stuff moving. It is still hard to find out of state movers here in the USA. And I do not know any out of country movers.

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