Why Don't Norwegian Women Like American Men?


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A lot of Europeans dislike Americans because they blame the American people for voting in a bumbling half-wit as President who started a war based on nothing but lies

Then re-elected him


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Understand how you feel but being a american I didn't vote for the asshole so the norwegian women can't blame us all. So stop putting us down and take a look at your own country.
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In most northern European and Scandinavian cultures, there is a tendency to be a little less outgoing with strangers than you might expect in some other areas such as the Mediterranean. On the other hand, your question sounds quite hostile, and you may unconsciously have appeared hostile even during your visit.
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What?? I realise I may be a bit late answering this question, but I'll take my chances. As a Norwegian women I really can't relate to this... Sure the women you talked to weren't Swedish? :) Come back to Norway and let us give you a warmer welcome!

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