How Long Does Shipping Take From California To New York?


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That will all depend on the company and when you actually schedule a pick-up time for your vehicle. The sooner you schedule a pick-up date, the easier it is for the shipping company to accommodate your needs. A lot of companies will do short-notice pick-ups, but that might cause a delay in when you actually receive it. Planning as far in advance as possible will help you to get your vehicle in a timely manner. When I moved from Washington State to Tennessee, I scheduled my vehicle  to be picked up 3 days before I left and I received it 4 days after I arrived. I scheduled this time about a month in advance. This made things much simpler for me:

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CA to NY generally takes 7-10 days from pickup.
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Better ask Glovve, They'll help you with it.

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Thats 3000 miles, it takes 20 hours to drive from washington dc to kansas city kansas and that is about half way non-stop. So I would say that it would take around 2-3 days non-stop driving or 3-5 day with breaks.
10 hours if you fly.
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Can up to a week if you are ship a vehicle by a container truck and just a few hours if you shipping it by plane
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The distance between California and new york is around 315 miles. It will take approx, 5 hours by road, going on an average speed.
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Um.... Ca and ny are at opposite ends of the country...... Little bit more than 315 miles.... Whip out ur map again buddy

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