What Is The Time Difference Between Toronto Ontario Canada And Las Vegas Nevada USA?


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If you're planning on traveling between Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), you may be wondering exactly what the time change is between the two cities. Toronto is located in central Canada, and it is three hours later in Toronto than it is in sunny, southwestern Nevada. For example, if it's noon in Toronto, it's still only nine o'clock in the morning in Las Vegas. If it's six p.m. In Toronto, it's three in the afternoon in Vegas. By knowing the changes in time zones and planning accordingly, you can deal with jet lag, and plan a holiday or business trip that is perfect for your schedule.

Toronto is famous for its majestic CN Tower, as well as its vibrant, hip urban culture. This four-seasons city has freezing cold winters and very hot summers. As one of Canada's premier tourist destinations, Toronto provides plenty of activities and amenities to visitors from all over the world. Las Vegas is a desert paradise, filled with a grown-up playground of neon-lit casinos, hotel resorts, and fine restaurants. The view from "the Strip" in this hot, sunny city turns electric when the sun goes down - lights shine and all of the colors of the rainbow are reflected through a vast array of stunning signs and billboards!

These two cities feature very different geographies and climates, as well as different time zones - however, both regions are prime choices for enjoyable living, vacationing, or business traveling, each city features international airports, great hospitals, and easy access to government services, police assistance, banking, and family-friendly activities and services. When planning your trip between Toronto and Las Vegas, simply remember that it's three hours earlier in Toronto, and three hours later in Nevada. Then, it will be easy to be on time for every appointment or activity on your itinerary.
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Ontario time is EST . Time in las vegas, nevada is PST
EST = PST +3
Ontario time is 3 hours higher than las vegas time. E.g. If its 11 pm in ontario then it will be 8 pm in las vegas.
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