Use A Graph To Solve A Problem How Far A Car Traveled A Specified Time During, It Was Accelerating, How Many Area Calculations Do U Have To Make. What Is The/are The Shape(S) You Are Calculating?


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Here are the things that you need to do:

1. Set up your coordinate system where your horizontal axis is your "TIME" (whether in seconds, minutes or hours) and your vertical axis is your "DISTANCE."

2. Plot your data. For any time, T, there should be a corresponding distance travelled, D.

3. Connect your points.

NOTE: At this point, I can not ascertain how your graph will look like. It can be anywhere from a horizontal line to a weird looking graph. Only your data will determine the shape of the graph.

4. Repeat the above steps for VELOCITY and ACCELERATION noting that

VELOCITY = distance / time


ACCELERATION = velocity / time

Again, the shape of these curves will be determined on the data points that you have.


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