How High Do The Outlets Go From Floor And How Far From Each Other Should Each Outlet Be?


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One of the most important things that you have to consider when you are deciding is where all of the electrical appliances will be. The best way to do this is to picture the room that you are finishing off, perhaps even sketching it out in a diagram, and figure out where you would most like them to be. This includes lamps, stereos, computer and televisions and any other that you can think of. It is recommended that there should be an outlet within 12 in of any other outlet in the room.

In terms of height there is no requirement that you have to meet for most elevations. It is all about personal preference and the practice of installing them as each individual prefers a different height.

One top tip that many DIY website give is that you can never have too many outlets in your house or apartment! They say that far too many people make the mistake of not installing enough and they regret it afterwards. In fact, the website gives a list of five top electrical output locations that the majority of people forget to put in. These five locations are behind the television, near your recliners (if they have built in speakers), near a projector, wireless speakers (it sounds daft but if you go on their website they will explain why!) and a mini fridge. These are just some of the electrical appliances that people don’t think about when it comes to installing outputs.

Before you install anything, be sure that you have thought your plan all the way through and allowed adjustments for things such as enough outlets for all your appliances to the possibility of wheelchair users having to use them. If you are in doubt at any time, then consult a professional for further advice.
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You have to picture the room and where you would most likely have appliances or electronic components. Like lamps ,tvs,dvd player,tables,stereo,computer. Then decide where the best positions would be . There should be a outlet within 12' of any of the the other outlets in the room.

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