How Long Is The Flight From Belfast To New York?


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If you're thinking of travelling overseas either from America to Europe, or visa-versa, you'll probably want to know a bit about the trip you are about to embark on. In the days before commercial airlines, traveling by passenger ship across the Atlantic Ocean could take up to three to four days, and the passage was also not without considerable risk, as Titanic survivors would attest if they were still around to ask. Be informed about your trip and be prepared for a flight of up to 7 or 8 hours before you reach your destination.

The actual distance in kilometres between New York City, New York and Belfast, Ireland is approximately 5,100 km.  In the days before steam-powered cross-Atlantic ships, this was along and perilous journey that could take up to a month. In the 20th century, when ships become more modern that time was cut tenfold with an average trip taking about four days. Now with modern airlines the time has been reduced substantially with the average trip taking about seven hours, not counting time needed to arrive at the airport, check in, and clear the considerable security measures in place since 9/11. Plan on this taking at least two extra hours of your time, for a total trip time of up to nine or 10 hours. 

Be prepared to make the most of this long trip in the air by bringing a book to read, your laptop to work on if airline regulations allow it, and your phone if it is allowed, so you can talk with friends to make the trip seem a bit more bearable. This will help to make a long, boring flight much more fun and productive for you, and you'll be across the pond they call the Atlantic Ocean in no time flat.
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What is the flight time from Belfast UK to JFK New York
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Belfast UK to JFK New York - 11 hours

Belfast Maine to JFK New York - 100 mile drive from belfast to portland airport and then 1:37 Minute flight from Portland to JFK.
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The distance between belfast and new york is around 360 miles.. The plane will take an hour at most.

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