What Is The Distance Between Dothan, Israel & Egypt?


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I assume you are asking based upon the life of Joseph?  The answer is assuming the Sons of Ishmael or Hagar through Midian were traveling the Mediterranean coast route would be somewhere between 240 to 280 miles.  However traveling a different spice route could have taken them through Edom and modern day Petra before traveling back down to Egypt so the route is unclear.  I am inclined to think the former as it would trace the route Abraham took to Egypt when he left Bethel.  When reading that Scripture realize he left from Hebron which is where Abraham is buried with Sarah and other Patriarchs at the cave of Macphelah so Joseph first traveled north from Hebron through the area that would become Bethlehem where his mother Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin and was entombed there.  Then onto Salem... Modern Jerusalem... Where the temple would one day be and perhaps more importantly where Isaac was nearly sacrificed.  Then on to Bethel where Abraham and Later  Isaac sacrificed and built an Altar then on to Shechem where two of his older brothers killed an entire population after their encounter with Dinah and then only after encountering a "man" who was no doubt an angel who asked him one of three great short questions of the Torah... What do you seek?... Did he proceed on to Dothan.  So he traveled not just 70 or 80 miles north before being placed in the pit he also traveled the distance of his families life, history and calling to understand what was about to happen... He would be the first to physically go to egypt and eventually bring his family in the middle of the 400 years of exile and slavery that really began with Isaac and ended with Moses.... Long answer but there you go.  Be Blessed and keep studying.

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