How Much Does A Holiday In Fiji Cost?


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A Fijian Holiday package for 10 nights cost around 3382 Fijian dollars per person. The accommodation rates for honeymoon rooms is around 75 Fijian Dollars per person, for stateroom it is around 636 Fijian Dollars per person and grand stateroom is around 803 Fijian Dollars per person.

The hotels here are priced at different rates. A luxurious hotel would cost around £160-240 per night, the deluxe resorts would cost anything from £120-160 per night, for holiday makers the best suggest is mid range market, which would cost £85-120 per night. Some less commercial resorts would cost between £65-85

The rates of a 5 day adventure cruise for per person with expedition cabin is around 5,513 Fijian Dollars, in Stateroom is 6,891 Fijian Dollars and in grand stateroom is around 7,547 Fijian Dollars.

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