What Kind Of Food Do They Eat In Bolivia?


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Bolivians prefer to eat a good breakfast, a massive lunch and a small dinner.  Some things they eat are- soup, llama meat,
Bolivian meals are heavy on the pork and potatoes, and you’ll also see a lot of chicken, rice and vegetables. Bolivian food is generally mild: If you like a little spice, ask for llajwa, a homemade spicy salsa.

Salteñas, humitas, llama meat, Fritanga Chicharrón

Charque de llama
Manjar Blanco (White Caramel) and Helado de Canela (Cinnamon Sherbet) are two popular desserts from Bolivia

Empanadas, Sandwich De Chola, Changa de pollo o de conejo, Chicharron, and Lechon.

Sandwhich de chola- Sandwich with roasted pork leg, lettuce and locoto

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