What Are The Dimensions Of A Carry On Bag For An Airline? I Don't Want To Check Any Bags. I Know That You Can Measure It At The Airport But Would Like To Know Before.


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With the rise of budget airlines and the higher risks involved in international flight, there has been a trend of increasingly strict controls on luggage and carryon baggage.

These restrictions make it increasingly difficult to know exactly what you can take on to a flight in your hand luggage.

The bad news is that each airline sets its own rules on the size and weight of hand luggage that is allowed on a flight. The enforcement of these rules is also dependent on the airline, airport and sometimes just the employee at the gate.

Some airlines give the dimensions as a single measurement such as 45 in, this represents the total of the height, width and length these are usually in standard sets. 45 inches for example usually refers to the safe maximum of 22" x 14" x 9". But beware; some airlines may reject a bag if it is of an equivalent volume but an unusual shape which exceeds any one of these dimensions.

When you are buying a case with the intention of taking on a flight as hand luggage, always check the dimensions, as some cases are described as 'carryon' cases, but may exceed many airline restrictions. It is important to measure the bags yourself as often manufacturers give the inside measurements and exclude any wheels and handles which may add an inch or two.

Some airlines such as Easyjet will have a cage at the check in where you can test your bag before attempting to board with it, although by then it is often a little late.

Once your carryon luggage is on the plane there is no guarantee that it will fit into the overhead locker, or even under the seat in front of you.
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Most airlines have a website where you can find this info. Every airline is different, so if you are using more than one airline choose the more restrictive as hand carry luggage.
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It is mentioned on site "luggageonline.com/about_airlines.cfm"
Site contains list of United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Air France & many others.
For the requires airline It is:
No. Of Bags Allowed: 1 bag.
Bag's Maximum Allowable Dimensions: 22" x 13" x 10"
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For US domestic flights, most airlines impose the 22"x14"x9" dimensions as the max you can carry with you in the cabin.

Now for international flights, it really depends on the airline and location you are traveling to.

Most budget airlines won't accept the dimensions mentioned above as their overhead cabin bins are smaller than the other bins (but you might find some exceptions to that for sure).

So always better check the airline website to have a clear idea of the dimensions accepted by them.

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