Where Can I Buy A Baby African Grey In Houston, Texas?


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Think hard before you get one of these, they can live until they 70 years old and when they get to their teenage years they can turn mean, you can persevere and they will get back to normal. They need A lot of attention or can turn into screamers and may like one person more than another.
We got an African grey when someone didn't want him anymore, I can't handle him because he was used to men and the women being frightened, he is getting there but those beaks hurt! I'm sorry if you know all this already but I think had I known I might have thought twice about getting him. He is happy but going to the Parrot Rescue centre recently we saw a lot of unhappy birds that had been abandoned through people not realizing what they were taking on.
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I googled it, and I wasn't quite sure what you wanted, there wasn't anything in Houston Texas, and I didn't want to give you the wrong answer, so here is a website that you can probably find the bird you are looking for:
I hope this was a help! :)
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I am not sure but you can google it

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