How Much Is A Old Dollar Bill Worth In The 1800?


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The first legal tender dollar bill was not produced in the United States until 1862. Paper currency was first issued at this time under the presidency of Abraham Lincoln in order to fund the American Civil War and to make up for the fact that people were hoarding gold and silver coins during this period.

The value of old dollar bills from the late 1800s will tend to vary depending on the condition of the bill and its rarity. The website provides some detailed information and background about old American currency as well as an indication of its likely value.

Among the notes the website refers to are the following dollar bills from the 1800s:

• 1862 Legal Tender $1
Union notes from the Civil War era are much rarer than the equivalent Confederate notes from the same period, although the dollar bill is much more commonplace than the $2 note. Depending on the condition of the bill, they usually sell for between $100 and $1000.

• 1899 Silver $1
It is described as having a bold design and is a popular choice for collectors of old currency. Most 1899 silver dollar bills are worth between $40 to $250 today's money depending on their condition.

• Confederate currency
Genuine Confederate currency also proves popular among collectors and some of it has significant value for this reason. Genuine notes are hand-signed and numbers - beware that replicas are commonplace and are often printed on crisp, brown paper to make it seem antique. However, counterfeits that were produced contemporaneously can have a sell-on value of between $10 and $100 to collectors.

If you want an exact valuation for old currency, then the best course of action is to consult a specialist currency expert who will be able to give you detailed information.

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