Do Malaysians Need A Visa To Visit Laos Or Vietnam For 5 Days?


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No, because we have bilateral visa exemption agreement due to ASEAN countries collaboration.
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You'll get on arrival Visa usually for 30 days.
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Kamarasan Peria
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I m a malaysian, do i need a tourist visa from the embassy in malaysia
or can I fly there and fill up the white card or visa at immigration in vietnam
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I am a Malaysian and also a permanent resident of singapore. I am planning to go vietnam, Ho Chih Min for 6 days holidays, do I need to apply visa to enter to Vietnam ?
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Yes, Malaysians need a Visa to enter Vietnam or Laos.
Click here for Vietnam Visa requirement and fee.

Click here to find your local Vietnam Embassy.

Click here to find Laos visa requirements.

Click here to find your local Laos Embassy.

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