What Is The Meaning Of Cabin Crew?


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Cabin crew is a term that is most commonly used for the crew on an aeroplane. This crew are all of the team members on the flight, apart from anyone involved in flying the aeroplane and the undercover police that may also be present on the flight for your safety.

The role of the cabin crew is primarily for your safety. They are fully trained in first aid and in what to do in all situations of crash, loss of cabin pressure, accident or illness of a passenger. It is their job to make sure that all of the passengers know what to do in the event of an emergency and they will also be there to help all passengers evacuate the aircraft safely in the instance of an emergency.

Although this is their main role and the reason for them being present on all commercial passenger flights, there is not often an emergency whilst in the air. When there are no emergencies, they take on other roles.

Cabin crew are the hospitality face of the airline. The provide passengers with food, drinks, wash bags (for long haul flights) and all of the other essentials for flying. They make sure that the passengers have everything that they need and ensure that not only the passengers are not just safe, but comfortable too.

They make sure that people are in their seats when they need to be, that there is less chance of accidents by putting cabin luggage in the correct place and making sure that the passengers enter and exit the plane safely and securely, even when there is no accident or emergency.

Cabin crew was glamorised in the 50s as the glamour or flying increased but nowadays it is not seen in the same way and an appreciation for their hard work and trust in them for safety, rather than looking good and handing out drinks has increased in general society.
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Cabin crew would be hostess or flight attendant both male and female. It is a great job because one can travel to different countries in one day. There job is to make sure the safety of passengers, crew and the aircraft. They also serve beverages and other food stuff and so on.

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Cabin crew are airline personnel,employed to work in the cabin of the a/c, primarily meant for tackling emergency situations and secondarily, for offering services to the passengers on board.
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The cabin crew welcome passengers on board and make sure they are comfortable throughout their flight and are responsible for the passengers safety. They sell duty free and according to the airline and flight time provide meals and drinks.
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Cabin is the person who is welcoming the customers/passengers on board,their job is to assess them,making sure that they are comfortable and safe before taking off,until the plane landed
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Cabin as in you work in the nose of the plane with other cabin members and you cook the meals and wash the dishes and just kep the passengers happy most of the time.

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