Can You Help Me About Entity Relationship Diagram For Hotel Reservation System?


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The purpose of an entity relationship diagram is to visually presents the structure of a system, illustrated in purely logical fashion. This is thought to be one of the most important parts of software development, and can even allow a layman to understand the construct of the database. To construct an entity relationship diagram for a Hotel Reservation System you will need to first identify and make a a list of all the entities that would be fundamental to a hotel.

Having personally worked for a world famous hotel chain and having used a fairly complex Hotel Reservation System on a daily basis I confirm the main constituents would be:

Further entities would relate to the identification and personal details of the guest such as address, telephone number, email address, cell phone number, car registration etc

Again the related entities would include details like the room number, room type etc
Status of the Room

Including sub categories such as Occupied, Vacant, Out of Service

Further entities might include Date, Reservation Number, Cost, Special Requests etc

Then you would need to establish the relation ships between each of the sets for instance Guest to Reservation would be 'booking' the reservation. There are many resources available arounf the world wide web which can help you to construct your Entity Diagram and there a couple of url's below which will can be made use of in terms of comparison and lend some ideas.
Good luck.
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first begin to analysis the er diagram for the hotel:

then start to think about the type of system you want to chose the entities
er diagram can be for management system or reservation system or .....

if reservation system the hotel will have 3 basic tables and you can add more .....

1- guests = pasportno + tel + email + .....

2- room = roomno + size + cost + .....

3- reservation = Reserveno + check in + check out + total cost + .....

and you can add more entities like facilities ,...

finally start to analysis the relationship between entities

1-  (guest - reserve)  (1 - m )
  guest can have many reserve but reserve no back to one guest

2- (reserve - room) (1 - m)
   reserve can have more than one room but the room back to one reserve

by adding more entities you can add more relation between entities    
hope that will help you in your problem
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Can You Help Me About Entity Relationship Diagram For Hotel Reservation System?

An Entity Relationship Diagram Showing At Least 1 To Many As An Example Of An Hotel Reservations System With Attributes Including Primary And Foreign Key
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Hi buddy!
Go on the link from where you can get the complete example with diagram of the ER diagram of a hospital reservation. Click on the link:
Hotel reservation
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I was asked to create the entity relatioship data model  for a cinemascope company named movie,then I have to create the entity diagram for using Crows Foot model. A table for each entity,

1. Cinema
2.  Movie
3. Reservation
4. Purchase
5. Customer then normalize
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