Where Can You Buy Harmonics Brazilian Cherry #94445, Since Costco No Longer Carries It?


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I'm pretty sure that if Costco are no longer supplying it that you cannot purchase it from anywhere else. It would depend where they get it from in the first place; for example, if the manufacturer is still producing this laminate then it may be possible to buy it from them directly.

However, if it was a product sold exclusively to Costco, it is highly unlikely you will be able to purchase it again unless you can find it second hand. In this case, you could try eBay or Gumtree or may be put a wanted advert in your local paper. It does unfortunately seem that Costco have totally discontinued this product and so it is likely that the only way of getting the product will be second hand or if someone has bought too much.

The Harmonics website states that the laminate flooring is sold exclusively at Costco but it may be possible to get in touch with them directly and ask if it would be possible to purchase some to complete your project. Alternatively, they may have details of any Costco stores which may still have some packs left; from this it may be possible to get them sent to your local Costco store for you to pick up.

The website for Harmonics is harmonics-flooring.com/. Obviously on this site the Brazilian Cherry has been replaced with other shades and tones and so it will be a case of hoping they have some spare old stock, or trying to find different flooring which will match and fit together.

I hope this helps; this can be the downside to buying at Costco as they very rarely get in the exact same stock twice and so it is better to over buy than to under buy.

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