What Is Distance Education In Pakistan?


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In distance education you don't need to go to the institution. You can get education from home sitting in front of your computer.

The best university for Distance Education in Pakistan is Virtual University. However, Allam Iqbal Open University is also serving in the same field.

For details about distance education of Virtual University, click here
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Virtual University and Allam Iqbal Open University are doing very well.
But now “Islamic Academy of Communication Arts” is coming up as another name with really new idea and motivation to help under privileged people specially students and professionals. Web link of Islamic Academy of Communication Arts is www.islamicacademyonline.com
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Sana Ahmed , Education Consultant from Pakistan, answered

Talking about the distance education in
Pakistan leads us to the first innovative and initial step of VU, no doubts the
university with almost all current and latest teaching methodologies and
facilities. More than 100 campuses countrywide, VU has produced thousands of
successful professionals in the very short span of time. Whereas if we talk
about the Allama Iqbal Open University, there educational board and system rely
totally on local mailing system, there is no online support or portal for
students. The entire assessment and students performance is judged on an
assignment writing schedule and essay writing Pakistan. Students throughout the
session are assigned bulks of assignments to complete which is about the 80% of
their assessments. The rest 20% is conducted in the annual exams.

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