What Is Native American Life Like Today?


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Native Americans in the USA are the original people within the province that is now covered by the continental United States. They consist of a large number of separate clans, states, and cultural ethnic groups. During the 15th to the 19th centuries, their people were ruined by dislocation and illness brought in European civilization. In the early 21st century, Native American groups continued to be a permanent fixture in the American economy and in the lives of Native Americans. Communities have constantly shaped governments that manage services like firefighting, biological conservation, and legal implementation. Most Native American clans have developed court structures to arbitrate issues related to native rules. Gambling has become a dominant industry. The income is utilized to construct varied economies. Native American groups have carried on and triumphed in legal struggles to ensure acknowledgement of privileges for autonomy and usage of natural wealth.
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from my visits to cherokee and the ottowa, the gov and others recognize the native more so in a good manner now days. the culture is more touristic trap to the public now days, but it is good biz for the natives.the natives still today believe in their old beaves as in the early years, they still gather at the gathering grounds and pow wow grounds for old traditional ceremonies. it's quite inspiring if you decide to ever attend a gathering. I love their music and dancing
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Like any normal lives. I used to live on a Native American Reservation in Schurz, Nevada. It's all the same like a city but way smaller. It's all mainly desert. The people there are like any other person. Just the same as anyone lives like today.
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Culture is Education, Language, Religion, Customs, and such, sooo, some examples of this are what their kind of homing was, like how some had wigwams and some had teepees, their art, like pottery, religion, with their gods like the god of water and god of the sky.                                        There is their beliefs, like that some of their gods prefer sacrifice, and what they thought the white people were, and what horses were, which were introduced my the Spaniards.                                    There is there languages and scripture, which was different with almost every tribe (Creek, Catto, et cetra). There is also the customs, like what they prefer to hunt, and the celebrations (with the costumes, music, et cetra again). Another custom is the period that a Native American boy would go through an isolation period in the forest where they would have to fend for themselves, like hunting and shelter, to prove their strength in the woods independently. Hope I helped, Lone Wolf
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What if Columbus never discovered the New World, Native Americans' lifes would be change?
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Nuel Douglas Windrow
I'm the writer who is interesting in Native Americans. My plot about what-if- story about the American Indians finally push ahead to become great explorers and sea-faring travelers long before Columbus.

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