Where Can I Get A Free Emancipation Form In Florida?


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There is a fee for gaining emancipation in Florida and the best person to speak to about the cost is the clerk of the court.  Forms are free and can be arranged through the following website www.expertlaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8413

Once someone reaches 18 they are automatically considered to be an adult rather than a child.  They will no longer have to stay with family that they do not want to be with and parents will no longer be considered responsible for them.  It does not affect any other laws as if a state law give more than 18 as the legal age for certain activities still applies even if the person is no longer a child.

The court has the final say in many of the decisions such as it does not always matter if they are emancipated or not.  For example the judge will decide of a pregnant 16 year old can get married if the parents will not consent.

To become emancipated the court must be petitioned and there are a number of variations to being 18.  If a parent is under 18 they will be considered emancipated just in matters connected to the child.

The needs of a minor will still be considered so just because they are classed as emancipate there may still be a need for the parents to provide for them.  They must not expect to become emancipated and live on benefits.

This is not a quick way to get independence without responsibility as there must be legally acceptable reasons for this to happen.
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You can get the Emancipation forms for free at the websites below:



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