What Is The National Language Of Senegal?


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The official language of Senegal is French. It is used frequently by a marginal of Senegalese. The education system in Senegal is basically the colonial-era schools of French origin, due to which French is widely spoken. Some of the other ethnic groups speak their very own language. For example, in Dakar, Wolof is the Lingua Franca. Portuguese Creole is a well-known marginal language in Ziguinchor, local capital of the Casamance, where some inhabitants speak Kriol, above all spoken in Guinea-Bissau. Cape Verdeans speak their local creole.

Senegal in French is called le Sénégal. It is a country that is located to the south of the Sénégal River in western Africa. It is a home to several ethnic groups. Some of these are the Wolof which forms the largest ethnic group in Senegal at 43per cent. Subsequently the Fula and Tukulor followed by the Serer (15%), Lebou (10%), Jola (4%), Mandinka (3%), Toucouleur, Soninke, Bassari and many smaller communities (9%). About 50,000 Europeans who are mostly French comprise 1 per cent as well as smaller numbers of Mauritanians and Lebanese live in Senegal.

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