I Received Net First Platinum $500.00 Unsecured Net First Credit Line. Can I Apply It To My Net Spend Debit VISA Card?


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If you have any concerns or questions when it comes to your debit VISA card then you should call your bank directly either by telephone or by visiting your nearest branch. They will be able to tell you exactly what you can do when it comes to issues like this as there could be nasty repercussions if you undergo any changes to your VISA card.

Net Spend is an Austin, Texas-based company that provides processing and marketing services for MasterCard and Visa prepaid debit cards. Their goal is targeting people who lack established credit and providing them with the security, convenient accessing and flexibility that people associate with banking. Net Spend’s product line including debit cards, cards that can have funds loaded onto them, and gift cards.

After doing some research on the Internet, I discovered stories of people who received a Net Spend debit card without having applied for it. There were also a lot of complains on the Internet about how badly the company handles its customer’s money. Apparently this company send out debit cards to people even though they did not ask for them and they do not need them. People who have been victims of this company say that their business is to get people to invest and they take their money away from them steadily in fees for example, it costs 50 cent to check your balance.

I am not sure if these are just fake Internet hate stories or whether they are actually true but before you do anything you should either do some research on the Internet or you should consult a financial professional. I would recommend that you use the Internet to research and then decide for yourself on what you believe is best.

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