1891 One Cent Indian Head Penny, What's The Approximate Value?


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The approximate value is one dollar for a 1891 One Cent Indian Head Penny.

  • Coin valuation
Coin valuation is dependent on a lot of things. The materials used at the time, the date, the manufacturer mark and condition. Though the age of the coin in question is more than a hundred years old, it does not necessarily mean the value will increase a great deal. It is originally a penny, so it has at least gone up 100% in value over the years. However, to really make any money from the coin you would need to have a lot more than just one.

  • Checking valuation
The Blue Book Handbook of US Coins is something you may want to pick up at the library or purchase for $10. This book will provide values of many coins including Indian Head Coins. This is one of the books that experts tend to use in order to determine the current value of a coin.

It provides the wholesale prices that are used as a guide for dealers. It is this book that tells us the value of the 1891 One Cent Indian Head Penny is currently a dollar. This value is a VG-8 or very good grade. If the coin is less than a very good then it means you get less from the collector.

  • Selling the coin
Where to sell the coin is a question that will come up if you intend to get any more for its value. You could sell it to a local dealer; however, you will find a farther reach by using the online resources you have available such as eBay. On eBay you get to auction off items. There is potential that someone may want the Indian Head Penny and pay more for it than the value stated here.
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It all depends upon the condition of the coin. If the condition of coin is not good and head is not easily visible then its worth is approximately $1. If the condition is good and the headband is clear and easily readable then its value is $5. But if the Indian’s coin is in really good form or is uncirculated one then its value is $25 or more. For more information click here.
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The values of 1897 Indian Head Penny is approx. (1.00 US$) and you can get more information about 1897 Indian Head Penny by clicking the following link:
1. Click Here
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