How Long Is The Equator?


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The Equator is appx. 24,901.5 miles in length. The exact measurement is 40075016.6856 Meters..
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The total length of the Equator is around 40,075.0 Kilometers, or 24,901 miles. The Equator basically is an imaginary circle which is drawn around a planet. The equator separates the earth in to two portions the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The latitude of the equator according to definition is zero degrees.

The equator is amongst the five main circles of latitude based on the association of the Earth's rotation and level surface of the orbit around the sun. Plus, the equator is the sole stripe of latitude which is even a great circle. The Sun, during its yearly rotation through the sky, goes directly over the equator twice, once in March and second time during the September Equinoxes. Places near the Equator usually experience early sunrises and sunsets.
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An imaginary line which encircles the earth and is located at the centre of the earth is known as the equator. The equator divides the earth into two equal halves, a northern part known as Northern Hemisphere and a southern part known as the Southern Hemisphere. The lengthwise measurement is nearly 40.075.0km or 24,901.5 miles. The diameter of the earth is nearly 12,750 km.              As the sun's rays are perpendicular, the temperature is usually hot in the equatorial region. At such regions, the length of the day and night remains stable i.e. 12 hours during the day and night. The temperature at the North Pole and the South Pole of the earth is cold as the sun's rays are not perpendicular in this region. On the earth, the major part of the equatorial region is occupied by the oceans.
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24000 miles

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