If A Man Runs For An Hour And A Half At 8 Miles An Hour Due South; And Then He Continues South On A Bus Traveling At 55 Miles An Hour, For 24 Minutes. How Far Did He Travel?


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8*1.5+55*24/60 = 34 miles.
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Ok, so this is how I would find the answer. 

a)Walks 8 miles x 1.5 hours = 12 miles

Then he get tired and thinks, “Hey! Why am I running when I can ride a bus?”

b)  If he stays on the bus for one hour he would go 55 miles - but he only stays on the bus for 24 minutes. What percentage of an hour (60 minutes) is 24 minutes. (To calculate percentage I divide the 24 by 60 and multiply by 100.  Answer - 40%)

c) He is on the bus for 40% of 55 miles  (To calculate this percentage I divide 40 by 100 and multiply by 55 which is 22 miles)

d) Walk and bus add together 12+22 = 34 miles

The answer is that he travels 34 miles due South  - Now why he’s travelling  South is another question!

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Too far`

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