What Are Pennies Made From?


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Pennies are made of copper
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Different kinds of metals are being used to make a penny and it depends upon the particular penny you are talking about. Usually it s seen that a penny is made of nickel and aluminium. But in ancient times there are several metals that are being used to make pennies.

When you visit a museum you can find it yourself that there are numerous kinds of pennies over there being displayed and they are made of myriad of metals. Particularly it was copper that had dominated the ancient world and after copper came the turn of gold. Even today if somebody has a penny made of gold, he considers himself lucky. There are some other metals also that are being used to make coins and prime among them are silver and brass.
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I believe that pennies are made from mostly copper.
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A penny or pence is a unit of currency which sees usage in many English speaking nations. It is only produced in the form of coins, as it is a small denomination. A hundred pennies make up one British Pound. In places like the United States and Canada, the term 'penny' is generally used to denote the actual coin, not the amount of money, which is actually a cent in this case. Elsewhere, the plural form 'pence' is used to describe an amount of money and the term 'pennies' is used to denote the number of coins. Hence, coin which is valued five times as much as on penny is worth five pence, although five pennies refers to five coins, all of which are in the denomination of a penny.

A penny is a kind of coin, and is made out of the same material that most coins are made out of, any kind of hard substance, usually metal.
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I have a 1980 Penny THAT is NOT made from copper, anyone know anything about 1980 Penny not being made of copper?

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