Are there any famous living native americans?


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From The List of Notable Natives : Chris Eyre - Director / Writer. Winona LaDuke - Ojibwa, activist, environmentalist, Elaine Miles - Cayuse-Nez Perce actress. Jessica Biel - Native anscestry actress. LeAnne Howe - Choctaw writer. Robin M - Stockbridge Mohican blood quantum reform activist. Lotsee Patterson, Comanche  librarian and professor. Johnny Depp - Cherokee, actor. Russell Means - Noted Activist.Shania Twain - First Nations Singer. Camneron Diaz - Actress, part native. Edith Kilbuck - Lenape missionary. Colin Powell - Former Secretary of State. Tiger woods - mixed golf player. Kuiliy - Pend d'Oreille warrior. Kristin Chenoweth - 1/4 Cherokee  actress and singer. Marie Z. Chino - Acoma Pueblo potter. Vera Chino - Acoma Pueblo potter.I found this using bing and they had a lot more lists I suggest searching for notable natives living

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