Why Do People Think There Are 52 States In America?


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Because Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are represented territories of the United States.  However, they are NOT states.
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The District of Columbisa is a federal district, not a state.
Their are 50 Stars on the American Flag. One for each state.
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I think people think that there are 52 states because some people think that Hawaii and Alaska are #51 and #52.
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I read and see 50 States, why the hell the school teachers said 52? I believe this is what gossip does to folks. Their right Washington DC is not a state and don't count New York twice, therfore you got you 50 states. God Bless America.
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I'm a Canadian (lived in the USA 10 years) but the answer is and always has been 50 states and 2 territories. Just like Canada has 10 Provinces and 3 Territories. That's my statement of fact and now my political dig, that Obama blunder was hillarious, right up there with when he said Cor(P)sman, what 5 or 6 different times?
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What about when he said he planned a visit to all 58 states? It would be funny if his job wasn't to govern the states.
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Hawaii was the last state to join the union... It became a state 7 months after Alaska.
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Okay, let's quit beating up on each other.  If the original answer/question came from a Brit, then I understand why the confusion.  You're right sir, I could not name all the counties in GB, and if you thought that Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were states, you're probably not the first, nor will you be the last.
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Ill admit I thought there were 52 but having looked it up properly Washington DC isn't a state and therefore doesn't count and then for the life of me couldn't work out why I could only remember 50 and this guy above lists 52, then I realised he has listed vermont twice and counted Washington DC.

Oh well I'm a brit so that's my excuse oh and forgive me for asking but could you name all of the counties here in Britain or to take it a step further the UK? I doubt I now many ppl here in England who could even get half way so be proud that people from other countries for the best part remember all your states and only really get confused about whether an area is a state / commonwealth / represented territories etc
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Good god, there a bunch of stupid people posting on this topic.  50 States period.
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Well, I live in New Zealand and my Social Studies teacher told the class that there was 52 states. And I'm thinking "ummm.... No" but I didn't want to embarrass hime during class, I'm front of everyone.
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I don't care how many states people say there are
I will acknowledge them when the get on the flag
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All true, but Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Pennsylvania are all technically commonwealths, not states, and thus have the same status as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. So if we're being picky, there are either 46 states or 52. But we're not being picky, because that would be silly.
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Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Pennsylvania are all states with the name "Commonwealth" in it. They are, in fact states. They have elected officials in both houses of the US Congress who can can vote. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are commonwealths, they are not states, and therefore their officials can not vote in Congress.

If the majority of residents of Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands voted to becomes states, they would probably be allowed into the union.
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I think you are right, some people think there are 52 states b/c of PR & VI. However, there are some people that think there are 50 "lower" states, and then there are Alaska & Hawaii. I encountered people like this tonight. It was absurd. They think they're being clever, and there is no arguing with them.
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Because there are; there are: 1, New York
2, Massachusetts
3, New Jersey
4, New Mexico
5, North Dakota
6, South Dakota
7, Virginia
8, West Virginia
9, North Carolina
10, South Carolina
11, Mississippi
12, Alaska
13, Arkansas
14, Lowa
15, Ohio
16, Texas
17, Wisconsin
18, California
19, Connecticut
20, Kansas
21, Tennessee
22, Washington D.C
23, Washington
24, Montana
25, Vermont
26, Delaware
27, Colorado
28, Hawaii
29, Illinois
30, Idaho   
31, Louisiana
32, Indiana
33, Florida
34, Georgia
35, Kentucky  
36, Pennsylvania
37, Utah
38, Wyoming
39, Alabama
40, Missouri
41, Rhode Island
42, Maine
43, Arizona
44, Nevada
45, Nebraska
46, New Hampshire
47, Vermont
48, Maryland
49, Michigan
50, Oregon
51, Oklahoma
52, Minnesota
tadaaa, there's your answer
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You Counted Vermont Twice. #25 and #47.
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Umm yeah you counted Vermont twice. Also, Washington D.C. Is not a state. That's why it's D.C. Meaning, District of Columbia. :)

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