Tell how to get a Payday loan loaded on my prepaid visa debit card with no bank account?


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The difficulty of getting a payday loan with no bank account is that you need some form of identity to verify who you are. In most circumstances, a reputable lender will require that you provide a sort code and account number for your loan amount to be transferred to. After this, you will have the opportunity to transfer the payment onto your prepaid debit card as you wish. When you think of it this way, it’s pretty straightforward!

Payday loans are an excellent form of short-term credit when used responsibly. Even though the media criticises these loans for having annual percentage rates in the thousands, this type of finance isn’t designed for 12-month periods. Instead, the average repayment period for most payday loans is just over a fortnight, providing people like you with that much-needed cash flow between now and your wage slip.

The fact that you’re also using a prepaid card is also fantastic, as this can be used in conjunction with payday loans in order to rebuild a bad credit rating. The worse your score is, the higher the interest rates you’ll pay on the loans you receive, so trying to portray yourself as a responsible and a reliable person can be in your interests financially.

If you’re in any doubt as to the process of getting a payday loan, you should get in touch with a lender on their hotlines, by email or on instant-messaging platforms that some innovative companies have installed into their website. After this, you’ll know exactly where you stand when making an application, and this will reduce the chance of your application being declined. Being constantly denied credit can actually cause footprints on your score that will damage your reputation more than it already is.
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You wont get one anywhere in this recession without a great credit rating, excellent job and a lengthy bank account
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Pay day loan will have to be in cash. Go into your prepaid visa debit card reloadable center and load your money onto your card. Unless you don't have a nearby reloadable center for your prepaid card go to any western union center and load it onto your prepaid card using the 16 digits. It will cost a few bucks but it will load the cash onto your prepaid visa card.

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