What is the difference between british english accent and american english accent?


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Let me give you an example how they actually pronounce the words ..
"GLASS" - American accent pronounce it as GLASS.. Whereas British accent pronounce it as GLOSE..
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Hi, Well accents vary depending on how long for example someone speaking with an English accent has been in American, and if born American citizen, with an origin from a different country the degree of diffence can also vary. Accent is one thing linguistic use of the language is another and that too is revealing. An American accent can vary in this wide country from State to State, and definitely from North to South America. And, take New York with its diverse population. Well, it all about speaking English with different emphasise on accent. Some with a drawl, some in England vary enormously depending on the part of the country we live in... For example Newcastle, which is north, the accent has a nickname 'Geordie' and Scottish people have a strong Scottish accent, and that can vary too, depending on how far north a person lives, East or West. Where I live there is a definite accent in south east region of a wonderful area which has both a city and rural areas where the accent in the latter is one which is passed down from generation to generation. Hope useful
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The British accent has more regional dialects which in turn will produce more accents than the standard British RP ( Received Pronunciation ) or "broadcaster-speak".The American accent tends to have more of a drawl, while our accent is clipped and shorter.The British accent tend to have more idioms and slang words according to the region and in some cases an English person might have trouble understanding someone living in Scotland for example.
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There are many differant accents, in England the rest of Britain and there are differant accents in America as well. But they are all the English language in one form or another.
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The accent!

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