Heredity set the limit,but environment determines how far that limit can be achieve discuss?


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Heredity and environment are believed to be the two most important factors that affect the growth and development of an individual. It's a fact that heredity is the factor that sets the limit of an individual but it is the environment that determines how far this limit can be achieved.

But what is heredity? Heredity is a process that involves the transfer of genes from one individual to another. This means that genes from both parents are transferred to their children. This is evident in the similarities of their hair and eye colors, complexion, and even skills and appearances.

On the other hand, environment refers to the place where the child grows and develops as an individual. It includes the people the child mingles with everyday as well as his or her surroundings.

So why do many people refer to environment as the more important factor in the development of an individual? Here's why:

  • People are greatly influenced by what they see, feel, and hear in their surroundings.
  • The environment provides various opportunities for individuals to grow and develop.
  • The environment greatly influences the way a person think and act.

By means of heredity, your children may possess the same characteristics as you do but these inherited qualities can be easily changed with the factors found in the environment. Here are some tips that will help protect your child from negative factors in the environment:

  • Provide continuous guidance. Be there for your child and guide him or her towards the right path.
  • Provide opportunities. You yourself can provide the right opportunities for your child that will allow him or her to grown into an individual you want him or her to be.
  • Be responsible. As a parent, your child is your responsibility. Remember that regardless of the environment, you're the one person who can greatly influence your child.

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