Where Is Galilee?


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Galilee is a province in northern Israel. It was traditionally divided into three parts namely Upper Galilee, Lower Galilee and Western Galilee. It is a word in Hebrew and means circuit. It is heavily populated by Palestinians. It is the region where Jesus was brought up i.e. The town of Nazareth. This region also includes the Sea of Galilee and the river Jordan flows through it. It is said that the disciples of Jesus fished in this river.    It was the place where Jesus held his ministry. It is supposed to be the place where Jesus cured a blind man. He almost spent thirty years of his life in this place. It was ruled by Herod Antipas during this time. Thus it is a part of ancient kingdom of Israel. This place was one of the most significant seigneuries during the Crusades.
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I think you mean that the Galilee is 50% populated by Israeli Arabs and 50% by Israeli Jews.

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